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That question mark is hostile. Just so you know for all the light workers out there. I didn’t come to play. I got a problem with this word and how it is wielded particularly among women. In my mind, it’s been weaponized in a way that is keeping women in a vulnerable position often that position is right in “the sacrifice seat”. I’m here to free you from the burden of this word. So, get some ointment and a bandage. I’m going to step on some toes. I think for women, if we are not walking in the light and being “do gooders” and forgiving everyone ad nauseam that has done some heinous deeds against our bodies, minds and character, we are shamed mercilessly and brow beaten into forgiving the unforgivable. So, for me the question becomes this… At what point is “living in the light” and handing out forgiveness like candy becomes a toxic glaring blindness of our own making? Being “good” , whatever that is, tends to serve other people more than ourselves. Wanting everything to be love and light is really about feeding your need to be valued. It’s not really about being ”good” for the sake of goodness, but it becomes about being validated. Virtue signaling all over the place… “look at me, see how wonderful a person I am“, and really believing it while underneath the surface, your value is attached to how people see you. It tends to pit women against women too. It breeds resentment and unproductive competition. Perhaps, to the outside world, this light worker, I’ll call her Eve, likes to present as sanctified, moral, and long suffering, but deep down, there’s resentment and judgement for other women who don‘t abide by this code. In fact, this certain woman, I’ll call her Lillith, completely disrespects it all and still ends up being healthy carefree and unbridled by patriarchal morality. The Lilliths of the world don’t really care about looking moral and upstanding. She‘s not really interested in forgiving people who have violated her trust. She moves and navigates in this world without the baggage of forgiveness. She is not bogged down by any socially constructed morality and brow beaten into forgiving those who didn’t ask for forgiveness. Whether we want to believe it or not, there is power in withholding your forgiveness. I feel the condemnation already… that’s ok, because I’m one of those women. I’m a Lillith right down to my dark goddess bone. I put a price on my attention, presence and forgiveness. Forgiveness is tricky and over the years I’ve seen it weaponized against vulnerable people. In the black community it is damn near mental abuse. Forced to seat yourself across sexual abusers in the family. Forgiving people who have taken a loved one from life too early. Forgiving a parent who has never in a day in their life seen to your provision or concerned themselves with whether you had a roof over your head or food in your belly. Yet, people are shamed into forgiveness. The rationale giving is well it’s not about them it’s about freeing you... yada yada yada. Of course my response is bull shit. It most certainly is about that person. Energetically, forgiving those who didn’t ask for it opens you up for more of the same abuse. It opens you up for another energetic match to keep cycling in more abuse. We live in a fractal universe. Patterns and cycles keep looping in our lives. Which is why some women tend to keep cycling in the same abusive situations. Same abuse with a different face. Energetically, the curse hasn’t been dealt with because you have given a pass to that energy and it keeps coming back. Some of you need to knock it off and curse that energy back to hell and stop looping back to the same abuse over and over again. Stand in your power. No you don’t have to forgive anyone especially if they didn’t do any deed to correct the transgressing. You are out of order and you will reap another hit. This is about universal principles and the universe doesn’t give a crap about your morality nor your lightworker BS. The sun shines on all of us whether we deserve it or not. There is no light without the darkness. There is a time to love AND a time to hate for all you Bible lovers. Discerning who is worthy of your forgiveness and who is not is honoring yourself as a valued human being without any ”do gooder” deed attached to it. It puts the power back in your hands where it belongs. So, forgive when you feel the conditions are met to warrant it, but always exercise extreme prejudice. No one is deserving of your forgiveness…no one!

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