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I’ve been spending time out in nature. I’ve been enjoying the autumnal landscape. I typically get an early start with the fall season because I know how quickly it passes. I never seem to get enough of its beauty.

In truth, I try to enjoy all the seasons. Right now…. I see the beginning signs of Winter (death). Although where I live it’s been unseasonable warm the season of death is approaching. The leaves are off most of the tree’s. The temperature has dropped in the evening into the night as the days become shorter.

One thing that stands out for me during every approaching winter is how much winter exposes what is hidden. Neighborhoods and spaces that would normally be hidden from view due to the thick leaves and branches on the trees are now exposed. Everything is open, clear and beautiful. There is more clarity as I look over the hills.

Even during my personal season of death and dying…. there is clarity. Things I didn’t see or noticed while my loved ones were alive, are now revealed. Like the approaching winter… there’s clarity and revelations. I have always said… You just don’t know what you don’t know. I didn’t realize the depth of my parents love for each other because my young eyes was shaped by media and Hollywood love stories. In truth, love can be quiet and unglamorous. Yet, deep and intimate. I didn’t see it. I didn’t see alot of things. It has humbled me. I listen more than I talk these days because I had made a lot of assumptions and thankfully, my ignorance was revealed to me. Yet, it has put me on guard as to what else I’m not noticing. What else am I not seeing?

I’m grateful for the lesson because it has spread into other areas of my life. It forces me to enter a higher level of maturity while coming to the realization that previous thoughts and mindsets needed to be shifted or eliminated. I’ve stepped back far enough to see the bigger picture and recognize narratives that have been manipulated and giving life. I see alliances secretly being forged among those who present themselves as opponents to the outside world. It’s giving me a deeper awareness of how far people will go to only show you what they want you to see in order to get what they want. We think we know but we have no idea because we assume it’s going to come in a certain way that validates our preconceived opinions. We should understand that our egos typically can’t tolerate the possibility that what was once considered a certainty is now a boldfaced lie. We just don’t want to be that honest with ourselves because it destroys what we have set up as our identity. More than likely that identity is attached to something that’s been packaged in lies and half truths. When clarity comes into the picture, we want to lash out and start ostracizing people who won’t keep the lie alive. We rather believe the lie and demonize those who refuse to buy into the lie in order to preserve our sense of self or what we think is our true self.

Unfortunately, a good portion of our thought’s and what we believe about our selfs was planted by others. We believe it because anyone that looks like us or spews all the acceptable talking points planted in us tends to be trusted. Power brokers know how we think because a good portion of our thoughts and our identity was planted and exploited by them. Because we’ve let our guard down we’ve produced some bad fruit.

I can only say…..what was once imperceptible to me before is now a glaring loud siren. When I take my walks outside this time of year, I’m amazed at how much is exposed. I would be a fool not to take this lesson and apply it to life. It has taught me that zealous mindsets and identity politics will put you on a cursed path. Where there’s no discernment or clarity….you are a pawn to agendas that have moveable hidden compartments. I’ve accepted how much I don’t know, because what has already been revealed, has positioned me closer to a freer and more self aware individual. I stopped adhering to mindsets shared by one particular group of people only to be manipulated by the same group. For me, the only identity that I seek is to my own self awareness and higher self. Everything else is just trickery and propaganda.

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