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White Supremacy? Or just a race to the bottom culture.

The white supremacy argument needs more

pushback. It's another way of infantilizing

black men and not holding them to the fire

based on their own behavior and actions.

It's become an overly simplified excuse

the Black collective points to rather than

face some harsh realities that has more to

do with the degenerate behavior exhibited by the few that unfortunately taints the lives of the rest who just desire their slice of happiness like everyone else. Yet, Black people who know better remain rather silent when it comes to the collective race to the bottom culture. The black collective sees everything from the prism of race and minimizes questionable behavior, or more to the point, self destructive choices that has created a hell of their own making. I’ve got some sobering news…No one is exempt from feeling and experiencing the consequences of their own behavior

and actions. Now this cuts both ways.. for some, those actions work to their benefit. When the choices are smart and contributes to your overall well being, the consequences are positive. Yet, if you spent most of your time being a criminal in perpetuity… I'm not cutting any slack to black males or black women and certainly not in the name of white supremacy. For no other reason than the fact that behind every debased reprobate black male stands a black women in front of him, donning a bull horn and a "No Justice No Peace” pic-kit sign. All of this done for the sake of fighting white supremacy. Yet, behind closed doors… these same colorist black males continue to denigrate black women based on their skin tone. Yet, like clock work, there’s always a black scholar quick to point out that black males have internalized “white supremacy”. Well, no one with an IQ over 70 is disputing the existence of white supremacy. But, at what point do you hold people’s behavior and actions accountable. When does it stop being about white supremacy and just goes straight to the naturally debased behavior and character of some individuals. Do black people really enjoy the victimhood status so collectively that any failure can only be attributed to white supremacy? If so, wouldn’t any success be attributed on a learning curve or wouldn’t expectations of success be low. I don’t buy into that inferiority victimhood status. I’ve taken great effort into not aligning with that perspective. So, my view is completely out of step with the black collective because in many ways they seem to enjoy being seen as victims. Yet here’s a question, Who wants to be on a losing team? After a while, won’t people stop feeling sorry for you and start feeling apathy. We all have to live on this rock and to pretend people’s opinions and thoughts about certain individuals doesn’t matter is rather short sighted and immature. How does this effect black children? Do we want black children to feel inferior?

Your success in life will be determined by who you know and what they think of you. There has to be some self awareness and an understanding of your positioning in this world. If black women continue to align with this victim hood perspective you will stay losing. Black males for the most part have figured this out, and left black women to fend for themselves.

I personally think there has been a change in the winds. The far liberal left has run out of selling wolf tickets. People are passed the feeling of compassion and sympathy and moved straight to either apathy or resentment from “woke” fatigue. We are seeing a hard pushback politically socially and legislatively. Also, because most people regardless of race don’t feel that they are that much more ahead of marginalized groups when it comes to jobs, housing, health, or overall security, there’s no room left to feel bad for another when people in general don’t personally see themselves doing much better. Using white supremacy as a reason whether it’s legitimate or not… no longer holds weight. It’s been politically misused and overused. I remember years ago when Kendall St Charles told us on a call “No one respects or loves a wretched thing”. I would add, not even the wretched love the wretched.

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