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Toxic Loops

I'm back and it's been wonderful just living life. Enjoying my retirement and working on my health and staying out of toxic loops. Speaking of toxic loops, did anyone hear about the white male lawyer who snatched a black woman's wig off her head in public. The backlash was swift and justifiable. The backlash was also hypocritical and opportunistic.

Why hypocritical?

One question that I think people should start asking is why did this white man feel so comfortable putting his hands on and assaulting a random black woman he does not know. Why is this even a thing? Where did this start?

I'm not ever going to grade anyone on a curve when it comes to degenerate behavior. I don't care if it comes straight out of the black community. However, it's glaringly apparent the black community does grade on a curve when it comes to their own dysfunction. If you can't set high standards for the provision and protection of your own women don't expect much from outsiders who see all your dysfunctional behavior courtesy of....Well...Remember "World Star"???? I know that this toxic behavior started in the black community and more than likely will not end in the black community.

The hard truth is the community has made this toxic behavior an entertaining spectator's sport. So, Im going to call out the hypocrisy.

Because the black community is well aware that black hair is a triggering topic for black women. They ought to know because the black community is the culprit in weaponizing black hair and unambiguous black features in general for a very long time.    Black women and black men have both played the role as a perpetrator of this toxic loop. Yet, black women have the unique experience of being both a victim and perpetrator of her own sex. We've seen the public fights on social media..first wigs flying, cloths ripped a crowed forms and encourages the mayhem. C'mon, black people have aired their dirty laundry for the world to see since social media existed. Yet, I don't recall anyone being doxxed or lose their jobs. This is why the outrage feels shallow selective hypocritical and opportunistic.

Why opportunistic?

Because it plays into a persistent narrative that enriches certain individuals. Whipping up outrage, especially during an election year is the loop of all loops that "just keeps giving". The usual race hustlers will never cease to take advantage of a narrative that fuels their agenda. It's a casserole of .... racism, sexism white male privilege and white supremacy all rolled into one toxic mix. Wielded out selectively, because, the narrative has to be cast specific. Meaning, the perpetrator has to be white usually male and heterosexual. Otherwise, it yields a different outcome. An outcome in which the perpetrator will never be doxxed or called out with the same degree of outrage and swift punishment.

I almost feel like this whole thing was orchestrated. But, we won't go there. I have so little bandwidth left for this topic. Nevertheless, the narrative is set and people continue to fuel it, while others get paid. It's quite the hustle.

I do wonder if people notice the loop. Because, when you notice the loop, that's when you can usually stop feeding it and start seeing all the players and their role, and more to the point...your role in their narrative they created.

I believe a detachement to these narratives is what is needed to stay out of these loops. Stop identifying and permitting this toxic behavior regardless of race and sex. There's so much going on behind the scenes we are not aware of, it only makes sense to not get involved or react strongly. Because the dark truth is this....The white male who snatched that wig off of that black woman is the same as the black community that orchaestrated this trend from jump start. The raw and unfiltered truth is... they are all the same. Stop thinking one is worse than the other. Thinking one is less dangerous because they share a phenotype or gender is woefully naive. We have the benefit of social media to prove that the people closest to you tend to be more dangerous. Reacting strongly based solely on racially charged narratives will only sabatoge your own life force and narrative. Because, familiarity, sentimentality, and overly identifying with individuals based on trauma usually triggers behavior and decisions from an emotionally unhealed space. Detachment, honest retrospection and a healthy self awareness of your own unhealed triggers leads to better decisions and outcomes. You don't become fodder for other people's agenda. All of your emotional needs can be redirected on writing your own narrative, and not fueling someone else's bullshit. There's a lot lies out there.... Stop fueling them and start fueling your own. When you recognize these toxic loops, keep heading for the exits.

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