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Wokeness….kill it with fire!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I find myself becoming more jaded as I get older. I find it hard to trust people. I find it hard to believe people these days. Everyone seems to be on some type of hustle. Political parties, legacy media, high profile people. They all seem to be peddling some type of hustle. Using race and gender as the vehicle to gin up emotions and exploit people for their own personal advancement or agenda. I use to be a loyal democrat since I was able to vote. Now, you couldn’t pay me to vote Democrat in any election these days. I‘m loathed to use the term “woke” because it has become so mainstream. It’s meaning evokes eye rolls and mocking disgust because people use it as a hustle these days. Jesse Smollett comes to mind. But, in essence wokeness has drove me away from the Democratic party. The term “woke” has ingratiated itself to almost every sphere of social existence. In movies, tv shows, social media, news and politics… wokeness has become the hammer in which all of us have to be hit over the head. It’s becoming tiresome. It is tiresome. It has made a mockery of the civil rights movement. It’s destroying women athletics. It has created a hostile environment for any civil discussion. I would bet, most people don’t take it seriously. Not to mention the fact that news media outlets have abdicated any responsible journalism in favor of using wokeness to shame people who are not on board with its tenets. Supporting any woke narrative regardless of how ludicrous it sounds wins over journalistic integrity. I hate to be the one to pop that imaginary bubble, but wokeness really isn’t about advancing marginalized individuals. It’s about agendas and jockeying for power positions by using race and gender to exploit peoples emotions. The truth doesn’t matter anymore. News media are the biggest culprits in using race and gender as a weapon to fuel political parties and power brokers. Propaganda, out right lies, lies of omission, faux race narratives contrived to keep people distracted and triggered 24 hours a day is the business of news. Nothing is what it appears to be and you can’t believe anything you hear or see. I find that I have to question everything. I question sex allegations, racial attacks, people’s agendas, political parties, politicians, media in all its forms, as well as the biggest liars on the planet…..religious leaders. No one is above being critiqued because no one is exempt from being a liar. Unless there is more information or evidence… I hear my teacher say in my head “Stay the middle“. You don’t know what you don’t know. But, what I do know is that people are not all good nor are they all bad. Good people can commit atrocities and so called bad people can do some good. That’s why I never was on the band wagon to demonize President Trump. Nor was I on the bandwagon to see President Biden as some white savior of all this woke mess. As we have daily proof… The world is not that black and white despite what the popular narrative is today . You are a fool to see people so simplistically. The devil is indeed in the details.

So we shall see how this chapter ends and if people start killing this wokeneas with fire along with all the race pimps and hustlers who are peddling this madness. There's always an expiration date to all this crazy. I’ll stand on the sideline and watch the woke folks “wallow in the mire“.

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