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This is bigger than interracial dating… this is fear.

I knew I would get blowback for my YouTube commentary from the usual suspects. I’m really ok with it because it comes with the territory. Here’s a perfect example of a butt hurt individual and his feable attempt to gaslight me on my page. I will not post who it is because I don’t give any shine to the wretched and the ratchet. I’ll just paraphrase his comments. He stated:

“Black women have this weird kinda of thing in which they want black men to be mad when they see them (black women) with white men. I don’t know if it’s to boost their self esteem, or what, but trust and believe this black man could care less, do you lol”

Ok, he don’t care.... that’s why his non caring self had to make a comment. Well… you know me too well not to give my response. I don’t go back and forth with people like this… I just usually block them and move on but I was in the mood today.

Here’s my response to him:

Nope. You got it backwards. Black women really don’t care son… at least the ones that are focused on their own lives. The reality is this… black males are the ones going on social media having a melt down over a billboard showcasing black women and white male couples. Black women have long gotten use to black males with white women from time to immemorial. What’s so special and outrages about that anyways….son. That’s business as usual. What is not so usual is seeing the reverse. I think black males are really getting scared that black women are removing their presence from black spaces. I think black males are petrified at the mere idea that black women are actually putting into practice hypergamy. It really bothers black males because they are so use to seeing black women stay and put up with poor treatment and toxic relationships. Now that black women are moving up and out, who you going to turn to if shit don’t work out with non black women. There’s no emotional high for black males because black women are not around to care. That’s what has Godfrey and black men like yourself all f…d up. Once we are gone… who’s going to support your bs. Who’s going to support your businesses? Who’s buying your merchandise, who’s subscribing to your channels. Who’s going to watch and support your colorist movies and tv shows. Who’s going to your games, who’s going to stream your anti black women music. Who’s going to your comedy clubs…. son, cause WW ain’t about that long suffering life when the money dries up. They are not like black women who btw have traditionally put up with the one sided bs from black males. Once she sees that black women really don’t care about being with the bottom of the totem pole, how long is she gonna stick around. I understand it must be hard to see that white man winning all the time, and now he’s taking the one thing you thought you could count on… the black women. Oh welp… do you boo.

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