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Sovereign Women: Don’t sit in the sacrificial seat. You are made for a throne.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The BC loves to coddle their monsters, yet, they always seem to have endless smoke for sovereign black women who don’t want anything to do with the BC. The sovereign black woman who doesn’t limit her dating options to one race of men. The type of black woman who will break character for her own benefit. She isn’t mired and manipulated into one sided race baiting politics. She will vote for her best interest, not the black collective’s 60 plus year loyalty to one party that doesn’t deliver. The sovereign black woman who refuses to align with all these social justice warrioring movements at the expense of her own peace, expansion and autonomy. She isn’t your regular “smegular“ black woman. She is the antithesis of everything predictable or expected in a black woman. She is not a forgone conclusion. She is however, the worse nightmare for the dysfunctional black community. The usual gaslighting and tribal shaming is going to be put on nignore. Once this bitch leaves… I mean really leaves…. It’s A Wrap!!!!

A few weeks back I wrote a piece on my blog about “Forgiveness” and why black women need to stop handing it out like candy. As often as it’s been said, it just as true now as ever before…”You will reap what you sow. Yet, the conditioning of black women to forgive without the full disclosure of what forgiveness does and what it represents… to me, is rather…unforgivable. What that looks like in the BC is not just unforgivable but deadly. We give endless excuses for monstrous behavior particularly from the male counterpart of the community. Yet, rarely is this forgiveness extended to black women. We allow 30, 40 and upwards to 60+ year old men to live rent free in our homes and minds while other black women are left with little to no guidance in these cesspool communities. They are never shown how to navigate unwanted sexual advances and or avoid death if they reject random black males in the street. They have to risk getting attacked in their homes or on the streets. The community certainly has a lot of think pieces on critical race theories and the evils of white supremacy but are rather indifferent to the behavior of black males who leave a wake of abandoned children and violent criminal behavior in these same communities. We will forgive and forget their reprobate behavior and have the audacity to martyr their existence eg. (George Floyd) when they’re demise matches what they energetically dished out their whole reprobate life.

The truth is that we really don’t value black women and girls or we wouldn’t stand by and watch black women and girls take the hits and suffer deadly outcomes 3 times the rate of non black women. After all, Mr “Kitten heels” has many of you believing that domestic violence doesn’t even exist among black women. He gets rewarded by obtaining over a million subscribers. Ironically, the largest growing number of them are black women.

Which leads to me this observation….We really must hate ourselves collectively. A hatred unmatched by any racist out there. I’ve always said, don’t expect others outside of the black diaspora to care more about us than we care for ourselves. Non blacks will continue to conquer and divide because they have a demonstrative love for themselves and their own self preservation. At least enough of it to win at life as a collective. They don’t allow their miscreants to rape and pillage the village and then turn around and offer forgiveness and God’s grace. Their monsters for the most part will always be under tight regulation. At the very least, when they see their women being taken out in large numbers, they will take out the trash and preserve and protect the womb that keeps them in existence.

I spoke previously about the conditions regarding forgiveness in a prior blog. I highlighted the energetic backlash in not calling in retribution. This lack of knowledge in regards to the power of unforgiveness is why some of you continue to cycle in more abuse and struggle. You are not standing in your power as women and you are not loving yourself enough to turn that energy around. We don’t want to block it and more to the point, we don’t want to redirect it back to where it belongs. We are loathed to allow people to feel the consequences of their actions. Some of us are too willing to stand in the gap for the underserving. It is costing you and your children. Religious and patriarchal doctrine, especially in the black community has done such a mind fuk on black women it needs it’s on topic of discussion. It has done so much harm to the mind body and spirit of black women that we have become living sacrifices to a community that does not love us back. Our value is only connected to how much we can stay strong and endure, and sacrifice. We are not loved just for our existence.

Universal principles don’t give any care to your faux and selective morality. None of us are exempt from taking the hits. These “rapey” murderous pedo males in the community need to take the hits. But, we won’t allow it. Eg. (Bill Cosby). Your forgiveness blocks that energy and redirects it right back to you and your loved ones… it’s LAW. This is why many of you stay in a cycle of abuse. Dealing with the same toxic people over and over again. Different faces, same toxic energy. Different job, same toxic environment. Different spouse, same toxic relationship. This is why the black community keeps cycling in this dysfunctional rape culture. Refusal to call in retribution is at the same time inviting it. Consequently, the hits keep coming. As always, I tell the sovereign black women to call in retribution when it is warranted. Stop standing in the gap for people who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Let the ratchet and the wretched feel what is coming to them. Stay clear of that particular black woman or man who loves to sit in the sacrifice seat. The sacrificial black mammy will do all she can to make sure there is room on that sacrificial seat for you to sit too. Keep heading for the exits ladies. Move in stealth. There are all types of folks out there willing to corral you into taking the hits for them. Honorable shout out to Rho Opulence who posted some sage advise on her FB page that I will paraphrase, “It’s not that I’ve become selfish, I’ve just become harder to manipulate”. Wise words from a fellow wise woman. Let it marinate in your mind and stand in your power.

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