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Save Yourself!

Lately, I’ve seen a few videos on social media of Black males interviewing white males on the topic of dating, romance, gender roles and family. What is apparent in these videos is the unapologetic way white males have taken to task black males as a collective with little to no push back from black males. Savagely, highlighting the domestic violence and homicide statistics of black males against black women. Confronting black males as to why they are unable to lead, provide protect and problem solve as Muslim Bushido talks in detail on her blog. Black males just sit there voiceless. Offering no pushback or retort. Then again, what can black men say? Where’s the lie? Black men sure have a voice and are quite capable of weaponizing that voice against black women without any hesitation. Black males can exert a lot of energy setting up platforms and social media accounts railing against black women who dare to divest from the black community and move in different ecosystems that don’t prioritize black men. Black males are very capable of using their voice to amplify their distain for black women for all the world to see, and yet, won’t raise not one octave to confront White males who aren’t afraid to tell black men they are failures on a collective level.

What I‘ve noticed is that black men will simultaneously accuse black women of being only submissive and feminine when they are coupled with white men, while black males themselves are just as submissive to white males. I’ve always maintained this notion that black males really don’t have a problem with white supremacy. As long as black males can pull up a chair and sit at the table of white male patriarch, they are fine with it. They never were interested in dismantling white supremacy anyways because they are obsess with the spoils of it. Their angst is rooted in their inability to partake in white supremacy and all the fixings. While being unable to obtain real power like white men, Black males historically have resorted to obtaining proximity of power through white women. Let’s be clear, Black males are fully aware and cognizant on how they feel and have shown no interest in changing that mindset or behavior despite all the Social Justice Warrior justification of white supremacy being the cause for this mindset and behavior. A rather tiresome troupe in my opinion for no other reason but to state, black males are capable of exerting power when it suits their needs. They are not victims as much as the woke crowed wants to pretend. They’ve managed for decades to shape a narrative for black women with the cooperation of other black women while making a lot of money. They’ve used that capital to their benefit while prioritizing their gender in the black community as the only one worth saving and protecting. Profiting off of debasing black women and exporting their wealth to the “evil“ white man via his daughter. This doesn’t look like a victim to me. So let’s stop infantalizing black males because we don’t want to face some harsh realities about their role in our degradation and the dysfunction of our community. Black men are not victims… and they know what they are doing and they also know the full consequences of their actions. Who should know better than an early member of the Black Panther Party, Eldridge Cleaver who wrote the book, “Soul on Ice“. Here is a peek into his mindset and behavior in his own words. Playing the victim while exhibiting the most heinous behavior towards women. Excerpts quoted from his book below…

Cleaver had unearthed within his own psyche a longing for white women. “I flew into a rage at myself, at America, at white women, at the history that had placed those tensions of lust and desire in my chest. ”Cleaver wrote, “I became a rapist. To refine my technique and modus operandi, I started out by practicing on black girls in the ghetto . . . and when I considered myself smooth enough, I crossed the tracks and sought out white prey.” Twelve months later, Cleaver returned to prison, sentenced to fourteen years for serial rape, assault, and attempted murder.”

I remember KSC (Kendall Saint Charles) made the connection years ago on one of her platforms in which she linked the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act as a catalyst to the decline of the marital union of black women and black men. The 1964 Act which gave equal access in the public domain to black people also hastened the decline of black marriages. This law allowed the average black male access to white women without the fear of being lynched. Up until that point, the average Black male, especially in the south, did not have access. Only prominent black males like Frederick Douglas, Paul Robeson, and Sammy Davis Jr, married white . The point is that with that law the erosion of the black family commenced. The increase in black single mothers as head of households increased with each passing decade. The focus of black sovereignty and self sufficiency gave way to affirmative action, welfare, and the permanent black underclass. The black power movements really weren’t about power and control of one’s destiny, but it was about equal access and dependence. It’s been about black males having access and black women being used as a vehicle to assure that black males obtain that access. Black women are complicit and remain complicit. Black women will always be groomed to stick around for the struggle, but they most likely will not go to the promise land, unless they divest or seek out sovereignty. For the most part, struggleland is exactly where the black community has remained for almost 60 years. One could argue it is worse than ever in terms of poverty crime and dysfunction. Large swath of Black males as a whole have fully and consciously made an exodus, leaving “black women as the designated survivor” (KSC).

So, it should be no surprise to see how quickly black males will capitulate and genuflect to white male authority. A failed patriarchy can not sustain itself. Which is why I encourage single black women to head for the exits. The dye has been cast a long time ago. A word to the fortunate ones who can hear and wise enough to act on what my teacher has always impressed upon me…. Save Your damn Self!

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