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Here we go again

I don’t know how many decades or centuries it will take for black people to truly become sovereign minded. My guess is never... not as a collective of people. Individually, that’s another narrative and from my personal experience, we stand a better chance thriving by separating from the herd mentality and becoming sovereign. Part of the problem is that on some level subconsciously, black people love the pain. We are so attached to it, that when the opportunity is presented to change the narrative, we panic and fall right back into predicable patterns of behavior and go against our best interest. I say that because everything that is associated with black folks usually is binded to some level of victimization. No where is the victimization of black folks more exploited than in the political landscape. Before the 2020 election, I remember IceCube taking a leap of faith and was willing to sit down with President Trump and discuss the state of Black Americans. The white and black liberal machine did everything in its power to undermine and ridicule IceCube for even entertaining the idea of sitting down with the so called racist Trump. When the request was put out to have a sit down with Candidate Biden at the time, his handlers told IceCube, we will sit down and talk AFTER the election. To this day, I have not heard of any conversation being taken place among Biden’s administration and Icecube. Not surprising… considering the fact that all the voting capital black people had before the election was wasted because apparently black folks don’t know the art of negotiations. Before you give your vote away, there should be a discussion of demands… not after the fact. Once again, black people squandered another election cycle and got…got.… and this has been the pattern. At this point it is almost formulaic. Closer to election time there will be more coverage of black males being killed on the street by police officers. More looting and more gnashing of teeth that will be incited by liberal media. As a result, Black people will predictably react the way they always react and be triggered and emotionally exploited for the entire election cycle. Then they will ultimately vote right down the line for Democrats. Anyone who hasn’t peeped this pattern ad nauseam is dead from the neck up. You are truly asleep, and fodder for any bs promises the Democratic and liberal machine throws in your path. More to the point, you deserve everything you get. I have zero sympathy. But, before, you start calling me any type of conservative, let me be clear….. the Republicans are no better. They are the masterminds of emotional exploitation. They have used their constituents just as much. So, it begs the question…. Who do you support? The clear answer should be YOU. You vote for your best interest. When IceCube was willing to sit down at the table with President Trump and his administration, it was the perfect opportunity to leverage some power. Pitting one party against the other for the coveted vote and then following through. At the end of the day, your life won’t be demonstratively different from one party to the next. If you are struggling now, you most likely will struggle despite which party is in “power”. During my graduate studies, I remember talking to one of my professors on this issue and he unapologetically stated, it doesn’t matter which party you vote for, they all are the same. At the time I disagreed. 20 years later, I’ve come to the conclusion that he was right. As long as Democrats feel comfortable in securing the black vote without any expectation of reciprocity…. Black people will keep getting nothing. At the very least black folks should make them work for the black vote. Make them put something on the table, and follow through with the threat. Yeah, vote Republican or abstain if they don’t deliver. Do the same with the next party. Black women put Joe Biden on the map during the primaries. To be completely honest, having Kamala Harris as a VP hasn’t enhanced my quality of life. Has it enhanced yours? Symbolic gestures are not good enough. We had a black President for 8 years, and black people are still struggling. President Obama left office while Flint, MI still didn’t have clean water. Symbolic gestures isn't power. It’s a crumb thrown in your direction to keep you pacified. Black folks love symbolic gestures. As long as they see a black face, they think they’re winning. Nope, your just cheap and easy. I remember listening to Kendall St Charles several years ago when she brought up the topic of power versus strength. She made a statement I will never forget and I paraphrase….

”Do you want to be strong or do you want to be powerful. Strength means you can endure. You can carry a large load. But Power is something else. Power means influence, control and authority“.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this post. Black people are not interested in breaking from the victim narrative. They don’t mind being strong and enduring the pain. What they do mind is having the responsibility of power. This is why they mindlessly keep throwing their power away. This is why they deserve everything they get. Because, truthfully, you should be thriving no matter who is in office…. Now That’s True Sovereignty.

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