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Great Power comes with Great Responsibility.

Updated: May 15, 2022

I’ve resisted making any direct comment regarding KS because for one thing…. there are countless think pieces dedicated to this individual and I don’t want to add to what has already been said because I’m bored with the topic and I don’t care about him. I‘ll tell you why…..Black males like KS wouldn’t have a huge platform if it wasn’t for black women. So, what I will talk about is why black women feed and give life to what ultimately hates and destroys us.

A few post ago I talked about the power of unforgiveness because there is power in it truth be told. We should know there’s power in it because there are so many interested parties invested in making sure black women forgive and forget the most egregious acts and behavior thwarted in their direction. On those rare occasions when we hold back on forgiveness and call in retribution or demand compensation…. damn near everyone loses their collective minds . It’s rather amusing to watch and observe the gnashing of teeth, the threats and temper tantrums and condemnation from the usual suspects…. like the Black Clergy, celebrities, comedians and the like coming out shaming black women because we don’t care about a dead ni…ah who spent the majority of his time devaluing, dismissing, dehumanizing, disrespecting and destroying black women. Funny, how these same people calling on you to forgive and forget somehow remained radio silent on the disrespect hurled at black women… but are wringing their collective hands in astonishment over black women withdrawing forgiveness or care. Why??? Because it speaks to a greater issue of how to move in this world as black women and what the implications of such a move means to the usual parasites that have been feeding on your collective bodies.

As the saying goes, with such great power also comes great responsibility. Forget about KS…. he’s not relevant to the majority of black women who don’t care and never did care. Here’s what you need to concern yourself with…what are you doing about the real joy stealers in your everyday life? What are you doing about the daily micro aggressions and the vampiric individuals who need you for sustenance but resent your existence? Who silently wishes for your downfall and wait for the day to see you fail or go through some hardship. You know who they are…. So why are you feeding and sustaining them while siphoning off your own power. This goes to the root of why so many black males like KS can be so successful when they should be irrelevant. We are our own worse enemy. A black women either in the background or on his subscribers list has helped sustain him. It was a black woman who choose to go on his show to be humiliated. It was black women on his subscribers list giving him sustenance. It was a black woman that gave birth to him. It always comes back to the root…. that is black women. With great power comes great responsibility and it is a responsibility that black women don’t want to take on a collective level. Calling in retribution…. withdrawing your time, money, support, vagina, sacrifice, love, friendship, money, advice, beauty, intellectual property, consideration, loyalty, ingenuity, business savvy, marriage, partnership, voice, protection and the most powerful…. our womb. Start withdrawing any or all of these items and you will experience the shift of power tilt to your favor. This isn’t rocket science. This is life. Those who know how to play the game always win. Those who don’t will keep losing. You have options.

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