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Embracing A God Mindset

Being accountable for your life and having a “God mentality” is going to bother a lot of folks. Especially folks who don’t want the responsibility of cultivating a life beyond what they feel they deserve. It is important to recognize that people will often play nice in your face but deep down in their character they really resent your actions and behavior of self love and self care. You have to adopt a thick skin and a God mentality to know that many people will eventually drop out of your life because they won’t be able to stomach your level up. On the upside… you will attract like minded folks who enjoy unapologetically a life that is full of beauty self love and gratitude. Cultivating a beautiful life and demonstratively treating yourself well will put a target on your back. From the outside, it looks self centered. From someone who has not loved themselves it looks self serving and egotistical. It can go against religious doctrine of self sacrifice and laying your life on the line for others. It is also triggering to those that haven‘t demonstrated any self love towards themselves because of feelings mired in unworthiness and inadequacy. Since they feel unworthy, they tend to project those feelings onto others… especially those that are of the same tribe or phenotype. Especially for those who collectively have been programmed to feel inferior from the larger society. What often happens is a collective backlash towards those who color outside the lines. They will either tribal shame or they will gaslight you into thinking there’s something sinful and arrogant in putting yourself first. Just know from the start that it’s an attempt to knock you down a peg, bad talk about your character or in extreme cases sabotage any opportunities that may come in your path. Your responsibility is to just keep moving forward. Because, much of the blowback really has nothing to do with you. Any negative reaction towards you should be met with complete emotional detachment. There shouldn't be any explanations given, nor any rationalizing, justifying, or apologizing your position in prioritizing yourself. Folks will be purposely obtuse and loathe any attempt to understand your point of view. Honestly, it will distract you from your focus and your happiness… which is their goal. A God mindset doesn’t apologize for loving herself. She certainly doesn’t need to explain herself to someone who doesn’t love themselves enough to know and do better. A God mindset is in alignment with God and all the beauty and wonders that is a vibrational match in cultivating a beautiful life. Embrace it, live it and love yourself. In doing so, it makes it that much easier to love others and be completely unbothered at the same time.

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