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Welcome to the journey of a Goddess who is breaking away from bad thought processes around blackness and being black, by using natural beauty methods as a vehicle to promote the beauty in the natural black aesthetic.  


About Breaking Bad Goddess


Hey Goddess!

I am Martha Lankford, the founder behind Breaking Bad Goddess. The brands name is inspired by my own personal transformation as a woman of color. After years of perming my hair, wearing wigs, and doing all the things Black women do to our hair, I took a leap, and did the BIG CHOP!


After that, I began to notice my own negative self-talk about my own natural Black Aesthetic, beginning with my hair. Soon after, I decided to go a bit further by starting my loc journey. Through this, I have found new levels of love, appreciation, and gratitude for the beauty of being Black.


Through this brand you can expect me to share tips about best hair care practices, along with the deep insights I've gained in reclaiming the essence of my beauty through self care, and breaking away from bad thought processes regarding the standard of beauty.


Follow me  as I redefine, challenge, and highlight new ways to appreciate the Black aesthetic, first beginning with me! 

On the Vlog

Learn how to start loving ALL of you through natural beauty 

Honoring the Black Aesthetic

Redefining mindset, wellness, and beauty standards

Get Social With Me!

Follow me on Instagram for inspiration, beauty, and redefining blackness. 
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